Knoko Chapple (Co-Founder/Managing Partner) is an experienced filmmaker & entrepreneur with a passion for alternative energy. He co-founded VEAM, a startup that operates Electric Vehicle charging stations in Los Angeles, with a unique business model that combines advertising and entertainment while customers charge their vehicles. Knoko brings extensive experience in project management, creative problem-solving, and team leadership to the company, responsible for product development, business operations, and marketing.

Paul A. Cornejo (Co-Founder/Managing Partner) is a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in film production and marketing/promotion. Paul oversees the day-to-day operations, and develops strategies for growth and profitability. His expertise in media and marketing has been instrumental in developing VEAM’s innovative business model. Paul shares a deep commitment to the environment and making a positive impact on underserved communities, hoping to empower communities to grow with sustainable EV charging infrastructure.

Tess Paige (Vice President, Strategy & Operations) Specializes in economic development at LA Metro. She has over 15 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience. With a background encompassing sustainability, real estate, and business strategy, she brings a wealth of expertise to her current role.

Mikkel “Casanov” Robinson (Director of Marketing and Design) A passionate designer for over 15 years. Mikkel combines the power of marketing and design to create impactful brand experiences. Crafting compelling campaigns and visually stunning designs to drive brand growth.

Eric Bates (Council and Lobbyists) Career start Deputy public defender the city of Los Angeles California Department of Justice deputy attorney general in his capacity as deputy attorney general Mr. Bates advised high level government directors, department staff council and agency council on a broad range of issues pertaining to governmental policy, state and federal regulations and statues. Served former Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti as president of South Los Angeles planning commission as well as an assistant inspector general with the county of Los Angeles office of inspector general.

Adria Fox (Advisor) With over 15 years in communications business development Adria brings her expertise in the following areas to the team: business development and management, project management
community, communications strategies, early-stage construction management, grant writing, partnership development.