VEAM can turn everyday business locations into
EV charging Destinations

VEAM’s solution for the EV charging infrastructure market is to provide customers with a unique and engaging experience while they charge their vehicles. By incorporating advertising and entertainment, VEAM aims to differentiate itself from other EV charging station providers and increase customer loyalty. In addition, VEAM’s charging stations will offer both DC level 3 fast charging and level 2 charging options, providing customers with the flexibility they need. With the growing demand for charging infrastructure, VEAM has the potential to become a leading player in the market.

VEAM’s strategic location, competitive pricing, and marketing strategy are expected to contribute to its success in establishing itself as a premier provider of EV charging services across America. With the EV market projected to grow rapidly, VEAM’s business model presents a promising opportunity to tap into the potential for an additional revenue stream through advertising and entertainment. Ultimately, VEAM’s goal is to provide a convenient, innovative, and unique charging experience that caters to the needs and preferences of EV drivers, while establishing itself as a leader in the growing EV charging infrastructure market.

VEAM’s program objective is to optimize the development and operation of electric vehicle charging stations by taking a user-centric approach, VEAM aims to provide a reliable and easily accessible charging infrastructure for EV users. Their charging stations are scalable, support both low and high-power charging, and utilize cutting-edge technologies to enhance the user experience. VEAM also aims to address social issues by installing charging infrastructure in historically underserved neighborhoods of color.

In addition to providing charging infrastructure, VEAM offers market models and proposed guidelines for investors, property owners, and authorities, as well as recommendations for a sustainable green energy future. We aim to foster the broad implementation of charging infrastructure, while keeping users’ needs and the environment in mind. VEAM’s innovative business model, which combines advertising and entertainment with charging, can serve as an additional revenue stream for the business while promoting the adoption of EVs and supporting the growth of the EV market. Overall, VEAM aims to become a leading player in the EV charging infrastructure market by offering a unique customer-friendly experience while charging your vehicle.


Digital advertising space from electric vehicle charging station kiosks monitors, presents a unique opportunity to tap into the growing EV market while capitalizing on the power of digital advertising with a high potential for long-term growth and profitability.

Our business model offers a  process for selling digital advertising space, starting with identifying potential advertisers and creating engaging advertisements that are tailored to the kiosk monitor. With strategic ad placement and rotation, we maximize exposure and ensure fair distribution among advertisers.

Continuous performance monitoring enables us to optimize advertising strategies and provide valuable insights to both advertisers and charging station owners. This data-driven approach ensures the effectiveness and success of the advertising campaigns, further enhancing the return on investment.


FEATURES • Share customized content with a 55-inch media screen and content management platform • True simultaneous charging – charge two cars at the same time • Future-proof design with 1000 V max output • Driver friendly with a 10″ LCD touchscreen and simple to use interface • Ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi network connectivity • OCPP 1.6 and ISO 15118 compliant • Start modes include plug-n-play, RFID card, OCPP and optional POS


FEATURES • Share customized content applicable to your venue with a 55 inch media display • 9.6 kW / 40 A output • SAE J1772 Type 1 dual charging cables • Ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi network connectivity • IP66 rated design ideal for outdoor installation • AG coated tempered glass screen, maintenance free • Android OS media player • OCPP 1.6J compliant • Start modes include plug-and-play and RFID card

Mobile Electric Charging Vehicles are the perfect solution for bringing nearly unlimited Level 3 DC Fast Charging to rugged, remote, and roadside locations

VEAM EV Charge trucks provide 50kW or more of DC fast charging capacity on a self-contained mobile platform. Dual output ChaDeMo and SAE Combo connections are available as well as configurations for both 400V EV car charging and 800-1000V EV bus and truck charging.

Paul A. Cornejo (Co-founder/CEO) is a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in film production and marketing/promotion. Paul oversees the day-to-day operations, and develops strategies for growth and profitability. His expertise in media and marketing has been instrumental in developing VEAM’s innovative business model. Paul shares a deep commitment to the environment and making a positive impact on underserved communities, hoping to empower communities to grow with sustainable EV charging infrastructure.

Knoko Chapple (Co-founder/COO) is an experienced filmmaker & entrepreneur with a passion for alternative energy. He co-founded VEAM, a startup that operates Electric Vehicle charging stations in Los Angeles, with a unique business model that combines advertising and entertainment while customers charge their vehicles. Knoko brings extensive experience in project management, creative problem-solving, and team leadership to the company, responsible for product development, business operations, and marketing.

Tess Paige (Vice President, Strategy & Operations) Specializes in economic development at LA Metro. She has over 15 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience. With a background encompassing sustainability, real estate, and business strategy, she brings a wealth of expertise to her current role.

Mikkel “Casanov” Robinson (Director of Marketing and Design) A passionate designer for over 15 years. Mikkel combines the power of marketing and design to create impactful brand experiences. Crafting compelling campaigns and visually stunning designs to drive brand growth.

Eric Bates (Council) Career start Deputy public defender the city of Los Angeles California Department of Justice deputy attorney general in his capacity as deputy attorney general Mr. Bates advised high level government directors, department staff council and agency council on a broad range of issues pertaining to governmental policy, state and federal regulations and statues. Served former Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti as president of South Los Angeles planning commission as well as an assistant inspector general with the county of Los Angeles office of inspector general.

Adria Fox (Advisor) With over 15 years in communications business development Adria brings her expertise in the following areas to the team: business development and management, project management
community, communications strategies, early-stage construction management, grant writing, partnership development.