VEAM’s program objective is to optimize the development and operation of electric vehicle charging stations in Los Angeles, California. By taking a user-centric approach, VEAM aims to provide a reliable and easily accessible charging infrastructure for EV users. Their charging stations are scalable, support both low and high-power charging, and utilize cutting-edge technologies to enhance the user experience. VEAM also aims to address social issues by installing charging infrastructure in historically underserved neighborhoods of color.

In addition to providing charging infrastructure, VEAM offers market models and proposed guidelines for investors, property owners, and authorities, as well as recommendations for a sustainable green energy future. They aim to foster the broad implementation of charging infrastructure in Los Angeles while keeping users’ needs and the environment in mind. VEAM’s innovative business model, which combines advertising and entertainment with charging, can serve as an additional revenue stream for the business while promoting the adoption of EVs and supporting the growth of the EV market. Overall, VEAM aims to become a leading player in the EV charging infrastructure market by offering a unique customer-friendly experience while charging your vehicle.