VEAM’s solution for the EV charging infrastructure market is to provide customers with a unique and engaging experience while they charge their vehicles. By incorporating advertising and entertainment, VEAM aims to differentiate itself from other EV charging station providers and increase customer loyalty. In addition, VEAM’s charging stations will offer both DC level 3 fast charging and level 2 charging options, providing customers with the flexibility they need. With the growing demand for charging infrastructure, VEAM has the potential to become a leading player in the market, especially with the US government and private sector investing in the development of EV charging stations.

VEAM’s strategic location, competitive pricing, and marketing strategy are expected to contribute to its success in establishing itself as a premier provider of EV charging services in Los Angeles, California. With the EV market projected to grow rapidly, VEAM’s business model presents a promising opportunity to tap into the potential for an additional revenue stream through advertising and entertainment. Ultimately, VEAM’s goal is to provide a convenient, innovative, and unique charging experience that caters to the needs and preferences of EV drivers, while establishing itself as a leader in the growing EV charging infrastructure market.